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Hardware Cosmetology

Hardware cosmetology is a modern trend in the beauty industry, which provides for the use of specialized devices for deep skin effects during procedures. This innovative industry is in great demand, and the popularity of hardware procedures is only growing. The reason for this is its exceptional effectiveness - it is a great alternative to injections or surgery.

Among the most popular procedures are RF lifting and microcurrent therapy.

RF lifting

Do not be afraid of a foreign abbreviation, because RF stands for Radio Frequency, which literally means “radio frequency”. That is, RF-lifting is understood to mean a procedure using electric current in the radio frequency range.

Electric impulses penetrate deep into the tissue, affecting the tissue structures responsible for the health and appearance of the skin of the face - this is elastin and collagen. The proteinaceous nature of these tissue components "responds" to the thermal effect of the current: collagen molecules coagulate, gain firmness, thereby providing a lifting effect, that is, a skin tightening.

Also, exposure to radio frequency pulses helps trigger the lipolysis process - subcutaneous fat is actively broken down, making the skin smooth and improving its color.

The effect of RF lifting

RF lifting is recognized as a safe, gentle procedure with high efficiency. As a result of regular sessions, the natural mechanism of tissue renewal is restored. Improvements are immediately noticeable: the skin looks toned and fresh, and facial wrinkles are smoothed. Procedures will also be useful as prevention of skin aging.

Microcurrents for the face

Microcurrent therapy also belongs to the innovative branch of cosmetology. The basis of this method of therapy is the influence of pulsed current, which in its properties is as close as possible to the natural impulses of the human body.

The impact is characterized by delicacy and softness - currents affect the skin at the cellular level, improving blood microcirculation and starting the regeneration process. The procedure is carried out using special instruments.

The parameters of the alternating current are insignificant and the sessions are not addictive, which means that each procedure is perceived by the body as something new, that is, the usefulness and effectiveness are not reduced.

The effect of microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent therapy is indispensable for facial swelling, drooping eyelids, pigmentation, and also after plastic surgery. As a result of the procedures, wrinkles are noticeably smoothed, muscles and capillary walls are strengthened, pores are narrowed. Sessions contribute to the formation of a smooth facial relief.

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