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Польза бани для организма

Посещение бани является одним из самых приятных способов провести время с пользой. Услуги банно-оздоровительного комплекса включают в себя широкий спектр предложения. Например, вы можете познакомиться с банными традициями разных стран или заказать расслабляющий массаж.

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Six types of saunas and their brief characteristics

The sauna is most often associated with a room decorated with wooden benches, in the interior of which you will find a fireplace with stones for pouring water. Modern versions of the sauna are fundamentally different from the classic version of this type of room. In addition, even between the traditional versions of the sauna, for example, between the Roman and Finnish saunas, there are big differences. Dry Sauna - Finnish or Swedish Sauna

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Japanese bath ofuro

In faraway Japan, people also love the bathhouse. But for European residents, visiting the Japanese ofuro bath is exotic, because hot water is not used as heating. Ofuro was due to the climatic conditions of the land of the rising sun. The island state of Japan is washed from all sides by the Pacific Ocean, purged from all sides by no means warm winds. Frosty in winter

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Infrared sauna in ARKSPA

Recently, a completely wonderful thing has appeared on the market - an infrared sauna. You can visit it in a special club or bathhouse, or purchase and install it in your country house. How is such a sauna different from traditional Finnish and Russian saunas? Firstly, it is much more economical to use, easier to install, does not require the removal of the chimney from the house. Heat

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