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What is cycle training

Cycle workout
This is an intense exercise aimed at fast weight loss results. They are carried out on special simulators, very similar to an exercise bike. The essence of the exercises is to simulate cycling on mountain slopes, bumps, and other terrain. All cycling workouts take place in a group format, and exercise programs are developed our coaching staff. The founder of this training is John Golberg, a famous cyclist. For an additional fitness load, he wanted to combine his favorite sport with fitness.

What is needed for training

For cycling aerobics, you only need to have comfortable clothes, tight shorts or leggings. The T-shirt should not hinder movement, and it is better to give preference to a uniform made of breathable materials. Shoes should fit well and have sturdy soles. Cycling is very energy intensive, so you should definitely bring a towel and a small bottle of water with you.

Who is contraindicated in cycle simulators?

Group aerobics require a lot of strength, endurance, and therefore are suitable for people in good health. Also, aerobics has certain contraindications:
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Asthma, chronic bronchitis of the lungs;
  • Arthritis, arthrosis.
Before exercising, it is necessary to consult a doctor to identify possible existing contraindications. If you have problems with joints, spine or muscles, you can order the service kinesitherapy

Pros of cycle - workouts

Cycle training is cardio. Accordingly, with loads, the cardiovascular system is trained, developing endurance. But this is not the only plus of cycling. Here are some more pluses group lessons with a coach:
  1. Suitable for almost everyone. For those who are building muscle mass, and for those who have minor back pain. Thanks to exertion, blood is accelerated through the veins, providing an accelerated flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles and joints.
  2. High energy consumption. In one workout, you can lose 700 - 800 calories.
  3. High efficiency. Cycle - aerobics is divided into intensified exercises at intervals, so fat burning occurs faster.
  4. Discipline. Group workouts will not allow you to be lazy and shirk. The coach gives instructions clearly and monitors the correct execution.
  5. Load. On the simulators, you can independently adjust the resistance force of the pedals and the speed.

What muscles work

Cycling is good because almost all muscle groups take on the load. Simulated riding allows you to develop the muscles of the hips, gluteus maximus, calf muscles, abs and arms. Aerobics gives good results, tightens the figure, making it more prominent.

Cons of cycle classes

Like all types of fitness, cycling has its drawbacks:

  • In order to work out on simulators, you need an average and higher level of physical fitness. This will not work for very beginners;
  • Cycling imitation puts a lot of stress on the knee joints. With prolonged exertion, pain is possible;
  • A hard seat on a cycling machine can cause unpleasant painful sensations in the buttocks area;
  • If you have a history of varicose veins or other vascular, heart diseases, you need to consult a doctor before class.

How is the workout going?

Since cycling is a group fitness, then coming to a workout, a person continuously pedals along with the rest for 40-60 minutes. The intensity and type of riding may vary.

All classes are structured so that the load is evenly distributed to all muscle groups. There are several types of cycle training. Each species has its own effect on the body. The choice of a specific type of activity depends on the general physical fitness.

  1. Normal driving. Simulates calm movement on a flat road;
  2.   Riding with resistance. Simulates a steep climb;
  3. Accelerated driving. Simulation of driving at high speed, in standing or sitting technique. Intense load that pumps all muscle groups;
  4. Change of technique: sitting and standing. Every half a minute, the athlete changes posture, while not changing speed and resistance.
  5. The highest level of fitness is training with weights.

How is a cycle trainer different from an exercise bike?

Cycle - an exercise machine is confused by many with an exercise bike. Although these two simulators have a similar name, because cycle is translated from English as a bicycle, they have significant differences.

Spin - a bike looks very similar to a sports bike. The steering wheel and seat are located at the same level, which does not allow you to take a relaxing position during training. On an exercise bike, the handlebars are level higher than the seat. Cycle does not have a monitor to track blood pressure, heart rate and other indicators.

Different attachment to the floor, which is why cycling movements of different amplitudes are possible. Due to its structure, exercise on a stationary bike is mainly aimed at pumping the hips and legs. The efficiency of burning calories on a stationary bike is lower.

Each simulator is selected based on goals and contraindications. By purchasing not only our subscriptions, but club cards for 3.6 or 12 months, you can go in for sports from morning to evening without restrictions, have breakfast in our restaurant, order beauty treatments and visit our spa visits. One spa visit includes: 

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