From October 18, Ark SPA Palace operates in accordance with the rules of the red zone.

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Helps to get good physical condition and basic self defense skills
Familiar to many, never lost the popularity kind of single combat

We offer boxing training for people who want to compete, take
a new challenge, learn the art and technique of boxing, and
for those who are looking for extreme training.

during classes are involved
all muscle groups

Development of strength and speed endurance, improvement of reaction and balance, constant maintenance of proper body tonus after six months of active boxing. The development of the shoulder girdle, chest, arm muscles, abs and legs.

Spacious hall
with ring TWIN

All trainers are sports masters.

Individual and group training format

Always in a tonus and have a strong immunity

Boxing improves lung and heart function, helps to overcome illness and stress. Strengthens confidence in themselves and their strengths.

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Fitness at Ark SPA Palace


Club card at Ark SPA Palace -
a guarantee of health for the whole family!