From October 18, Ark SPA Palace operates in accordance with the rules of the red zone.

Thank you for understanding. Best regards, administration.

Big swimming pool

The most natural way to give the body the necessary physical workout

Safe pool activities

Swimming in the pool allows you to relax, get away from everyday activities and get a physical workout on all muscle groups. The pool Ark SPA Palace uses heated water and disinfectants safe for humans, which do not affect the condition of the skin and hair.

Engages all muscle groups,
helps to lose weight

During swimming, improves muscle tone, increases the flexibility of muscles and joints, trainings the heart. Due to the high resistance of water under the physical workout on all muscle groups, weight loss is more active in comparison with other types of fitness. Swimming is useful for pregnant women and mothers with children, helps
to relax and has an anti-stress effect.

Tracks for personal training

Fitness in the pool and relaxing swimming

Water purification using a special system

We monitor the quality
and cleanliness

Ark SPA Palace offers affordable membership in swimming pool. We follow to all sanitary standards: we qualitatively clean water, carefully disinfect walls and other surfaces. The temperature of the water in the pool is maintained
at a comfortable level for the body.

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Fitness at Ark SPA Palace


Club card at Ark SPA Palace -
a guarantee of health for the whole family!