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Infrared sauna in ARKSPA

Recently, an absolutely wonderful thing appeared on the market - infrared sauna... You can visit it both in a special club or bathhouse, or purchase and install it in your country house. How does such a sauna differ from traditional Finnish and Russian saunas?

Firstly, it is much more economical to use, easier to install, does not require the removal of the chimney from the house. The heating of such a sauna occurs due to special ceramic emitters, which heat not the air, but directly the human body. Thus, to be in such a sauna is easier and more pleasant than in a Russian or Finnish steam room. The air temperature here does not exceed 50 ° C, while in a Russian bath this value can reach 100 ° C. Infrared radiation penetrates deep into the body, warming it to 38.5 ° C, while traditional baths can warm a person to only 37.2 ° C. All this makes the infrared sauna more convenient, useful and pleasant, distinguishing it from other types of body warming in the bath.

The ability to raise a person’s body temperature for a while to fairly high levels shows the possibility of an infrared sauna to effectively fight the flu and SARS, increase immunity, and kill viruses and harmful bacteria. The infrared sauna also copes with all the problems that baths generally solve: overweight, acne, premature skin aging. Performing regular soaring sessions in such a sauna, you can get rid of extra pounds and remove dead skin cells. Infrared sauna accelerates metabolism, removes toxins from the body, opens and cleanses pores, restores skin elasticity. And the infrared sauna can cope with the removal of toxins 3 times better than Russian and Finnish!

In addition, hovering in such a sauna before and after intense physical activity (fitness, training on simulators, training of athletes) is very useful. Before exercise, the infrared sauna helps warm the muscles, which in turn prevents them from stretching during exercise and reduces the likelihood of injury. After training, the infrared sauna will help restore strength, increase muscle reactivity and slow down the production of lactic acid, which leads to pain. So, visiting an infrared sauna immediately after a workout reduces the level of lactic acid by 2 times, and after an hour - by 3 times. In addition, this sauna will help cleanse the body of the final metabolic products that were not excreted during exercise, and increase energy potential. Thus, even after going through exhausting physical exertion, you will feel refreshed, rested and full of strength. This is very convenient for those who prefer workouts in the morning, before the workday.

An infrared sauna is a great way to improve your health and improve your figure for those who can not withstand extreme temperatures. Regular infrared sauna sessions, complemented by the use of special creams and bath scrubs, will help you regain your health and attractive appearance, as well as maintain your current excellent state of health!

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