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Japanese bath ofuro

In faraway Japan, people also love the bath. But for European residents visit to the Japanese bath ofuro is exotic, because not steam, but hot water is used as heating.

Ofuro originated from the climatic conditions of the land of the rising sun. The island state of Japan is washed from all sides by the Pacific Ocean, purged from all sides by no means warm winds. In winter, frosty windy weather leads to a surge in disease. Therefore, it became necessary to come up with a device that allows the dead person to warm up. Given the shortage of wood and coal, the Japanese came up with ofuro, which means bath.

Indeed, ofuro is similar to a bath - a barrel made of wood, inside of which there are seats. For the manufacture of wood is usually used valuable species such as cedar, pine, oak. Under the bottom is a stove with which the water in the barrel is heated to a certain temperature. Such a font is available in every house and takes up little space.

Water has a positive effect on the human body, and hot water helps to eliminate harmful substances, toxins of toxins through the pores of the skin. In hot water, the body warms up, relaxes. As a result, a person is cured of colds. Ofuro bath helps to lose weight overweight people. It is useful for people with heart problems.

Ofuro bath is a whole ceremony. Before plunging into water, a person takes a shower. Then he puts on his head a hat made of felt. Before the procedure, it is moistened with cold water so as not to get a heat stroke. Then the person is immersed in water. To avoid disruption of the heart muscle, the water level should not reach the heart. 

The duration of a bath is not more than five minutes, although regulars take a bath longer, but no more than a quarter of an hour. To enhance the healing effect, sea salt, aromatic oils or herbal infusions are added to the font. Usually they make two fonts, we have three in ARKSPA. In one, the water is warmed up to 35 degrees, in the second - up to 45 and the third font with a temperature of 4 degrees. Having warmed up in the first, the visitor plunges into the second, hotter and instantly cools in the coldest, close to the ice hole.

Coming out of the water, you need to wipe the body dry and rest. During ablution, the body loses a lot of fluid. To avoid dehydration, taking a bath, you need to drink warm tea or herbal infusion.

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