Club card "Nursery" Ark-SPA Health and Beauty Center

Club Card "Children's"

For health, beauty and prevention of diseases of the back.
Club card "Nursery" Ark-SPA Health and Beauty Center
  • Personal training (the duration of one workout is 40 minutes);
  • Comfortable changing rooms;
  • Individual towel;
  • Card freeze for the period of absence (1 month - 5 days, 3 months - 15 days, 6 months - 30 days)

Additional services:

  • Personal training (“Correct posture” - training in the gym with an instructor of rehabilitation programs, yoga, boxing and other fitness programs);
  • SPA treatments;
  • Solarium;
  • A restaurant;
  • Fitness bar;
  • Guest visits;


SPA procedures

Dissolve in pleasure and leave the rest to our professionals


A modern tool for solving any aesthetic problems all 4 seasons

Spa visit

Take a trip to the world of health and beauty

Beauty salon

Experienced hair stylists, manicure and pedicure specialists and hair treatment specialists


A healthy lifestyle for many has become
not just a trend of fashion, but a vital necessity


Dishes of Eastern and European cuisine, and each has own philosophy

Personal training

A healthy lifestyle for many has become not just a trend of fashion, but the main necessity

Game center with a pool for children

Experienced caregivers, modern playroom
and children’s pool


A wide selection of basic healthy and sports nutrition products

  • Card activation from the date of the first visit, no later than 30 days from the date of purchase
  • Payment in UAH
  • Freezing: 1 month - 5 days, 3 months. - 15 days, 6 months. - 30 days

* Free WiFi in the Ark-Spa.

** For more information, call + 38 (042) 328 328

A large area, modern equipment and a full range of modern cosmetology services

We are twice recognized as the best institution in the field of beauty and health, and continue to work regularly for our clients.

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