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Complex rejuvenation Liftera-A

Complex rejuvenation Liftera-A Health and beauty center Arc-SPA

Complex rejuvenation of the facial skin. Instant lifting / shaping of the face contour

Indications and contraindications r SMAS-ifting using the Liftera-A device

  • Reduced skin turgor
  • The appearance of mimic and / or deep wrinkles
  • Thinning of subcutaneous fat
  • Creation of nasolabial folds and folds around the circular muscle of the mouth
  • Sagging skin
  • Fuzzy outline of the neck, cervico-chin angle
  • The drooping of the lips, cheeks, bags under the eyes.
  • Dermatological diseases in active form
  • Recent (less than a month) injections of hyaluronic acid, botox, fillers
  • Difficult infectious diseases in a sophisticated or protracted form
  • Acute cardiovascular disease
  • The presence of a pacemaker, metal prostheses in the area of action
  • Cancer tumors
  • Pregnancy or lactation

LIFTERA no pain, no damage to the skin, no need for rehabilitation. The unit of the new - second generation today has no equal. It has not one, but two methods of action, lazy and anatomical, which allows you to influence the entire face, including the forehead, eyes, upper lip - all those zones that are inaccessible to other HIFU systems.

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