Hardware Cosmetology

Hardware cosmetology Ark-SPA Health and Beauty Center

Hardware Cosmetology

All kinds of hardware services for the natural beauty of your body.

We help to look young and fresh whole year.

Our professionals will select the perfect set of procedures to highlight your beauty and prolong youth.

Modern equipment and the newest methods of correction and rejuvenation

Equipment from the best European manufacturers allows our specialists in each case to select the ideal set of procedures.

Intensive massage FULL SKIN

LPG Roller Vacuum Massage

Laser rejuvenation GENESIS

Laser hair removal Cutera-XEO


Radio wave lifting Imperium Med

ухоженная и здоровая кожа
без операций и инъекций

Hardware impact quickly and painlessly helps to remove skin imperfections. Microcurrents eliminate swelling, improve blood circulation and start the process of regeneration and recovery of the skin at the cellular level.

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