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Hardware cosmetology Ark-SPA Health and Beauty Center

Hardware Cosmetology

All kinds of hardware services for the natural beauty of your body.

We help to look young and fresh whole year.

Our professionals will select the perfect set of procedures to highlight your beauty and prolong youth.

Hardware Cosmetology - a variety of healing and rejuvenating procedures, which are carried out by specialized devices and methods of physical impact on the skin.

The most popular hardware cosmetology techniques are sets of procedures using:

  • ultrasound;
  • microcurrent;
  • vacuum roller procedures.

This area of cosmetology is a low-traumatic replacement for surgical procedures. In hardware medicine, general anesthesia is not used and a wide range of alternative ways of influencing the skin is offered.

At the moment, this branch of cosmetology is progressively increasing the range of services, as well as improving their quality and safety level.

Modern equipment and the newest methods of correction and rejuvenation

Intensive massage

Roller-vacuum massage
LPG aliance

Endospheres Therapy


Aqua-peeling device

Radio wave lifting
Imperium Med

Applications and types of procedures

Hardware cosmetology offers a variety of procedures for all parts of the body:

  • Lifting: tightening of the skin of the face, décolleté and neck. 

Well-groomed and healthy skin
without operations and injections

Hardware impact quickly and painlessly helps to remove skin imperfections. Microcurrents eliminate swelling, improve blood circulation and start the process of regeneration and recovery of the skin at the cellular level.

Ultrasound in hardware cosmetology

Every self-respecting and client-respecting cosmetology salon is provided with modern hardware, including a multifunctional ultrasound machine.

Ultrasound is used in a wide range of procedures that have a restorative and rejuvenating effect. Exposure to ultrasound does not expose the skin to stretching and squeezing, and does not destroy the upper layers of the epidermis.

The waves of the ultrasound apparatus activate the metabolic processes of the body, increase the immunity of the skin, improve the composition of the blood and improve tissue regeneration.

The best hardware procedures for mature facial skin

After the age of 40, women develop one or a number of skin problems:

  • mimic or age wrinkles of the face and hands;
  • skin pigmentation;
  • deterioration of the skin relief;
  • expansion of pores on the face;
  • the appearance of the nasolacrimal groove;
  • deformation of the facial oval;
  • flabbiness of the neck and décolleté.

According to the experience of many women and the results of solving their problems, the leading hardware procedures for the adult category of women are: laser facial and body skin rejuvenation and lifting.

These procedures provide skin rejuvenation and getting rid of age-related problems.

Types and directions

Hardware cosmetology has dozens of procedures. Microcurrent, ultrasonic, vacuum-roller devices, sound and light waves, impulsive current are used.

All these devices are used in specific procedures by professional cosmetologists.  


A huge number of people, having tested the procedures of hardware cosmetology, identified a number of advantages of this section of cosmetology:

  • Increased security. The procedures are carried out by professional cosmetologists. All manipulations are superficial and are done without incisions and injections. Hardware procedures do not require anesthesia. The recovery rate after hardware cosmetology procedures is higher than after surgical intervention.
  • Avoidance of an allergic reaction. During the procedures, nothing is injected under the skin of the patient, so allergic reactions or rejection are impossible.
  • Warranty and reliability. The devices used in cosmetology are assembled according to European technologies. All employees and facilities are certified, which proves the safety of their work.


Contraindications for hardware cosmetology are individual. Therefore, before the procedures, it is strongly recommended to consult a professional beautician or a local specialized doctor.

It is recommended to refrain from using hardware cosmetology in situations where:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • diseases of acute respiratory viral infections and acute respiratory infections;
  • infectious or inflammatory processes in the area of work of a cosmetologist;
  • the presence of cancer;
  • chronic diseases;
  • hemophilia.


The hardware cosmetology center ARK SPA PALACE in Odessa has a number of spa treatments and hardware cosmetology that will help get rid of skin problems. Professional cosmetologists will consult and help you decide on the choice of procedures for the best result. On the website of the center, an online appointment is made for a consultation with a cosmetologist. You can also sign up using the phone number listed on the site.

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