From October 18, Ark SPA Palace operates in accordance with the rules of the red zone.

Thank you for understanding. Best regards, administration.

Face and body cosmetology Ark-SPA Health and Beauty Center


A modern tool for solving any
aesthetic problems all 4 seasons

We use only professional cosmetic skin care products.

Cosmetics do not cause allergies or irritation, and licensed beauticians conduct sessions.

We return the elasticity of the skin of body

The body, like the face, deserves attention in order to preserve youth and beauty for a long time. Positive results in body cosmetology helps to achieve an integrated approach, the use of technology and professional cosmetics.


Non-invasive rejuvenation technology from Japan

Biologique Recherche

Natural ingredients without dyes and fragrances

Ericson laboratoire

Quality, comfortable textures and delicate aromas

DANNE Montague-King

Professional cosmetics line based on enzyme therapy


Innovative formulas and unique components

Wide range of treatments
and cosmetics

Our procedures will allow you to leave our complex with beautiful and healthy skin. The session will allow you to relax and rest, and our expert will give follow-up recommendations on skin care at home.

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cosmetology arc-spa

modern care services
behind the face and body

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a guarantee of health for the whole family!