From October 18, Ark SPA Palace operates in accordance with the rules of the red zone.

Thank you for understanding. Best regards, administration.

About Us

About us Health and beauty center Ark-SPA

Ark SPA Palace - the world of beauty, perfection and health is located in the heart of the resort Odessa. Here, on 6 thousand square meters, you will be offered services for every taste: a 25-meter swimming pool, the best traditional baths, a balanced package of body and face care services based on an effective set of SPA procedures, unique massage techniques and the latest developments in aesthetic cosmetology.

Ark SPA presents the latest developments and programs in the field of fitness. Group and individual lessons for adults and children.

The Ark SPA Palace restaurant will also become part of the recreation and recovery program. European and oriental traditions, exclusive compliments from the chef, as well as dishes from the Japanese menu. Delicious and healthy cuisine! Ark SPA Palace will help you achieve peace of mind and plunge into the world of health and beauty.

Here, on a recreation area of 6,000 sq.m. at your service:

- 10 bath cultures of Europe and Asia.

- Large swimming pool.

- Children's play SPA room.

- Innovative cosmetology and more than 100 types of massages of the peoples of the world.

- Fitness for children and adults.

- Restaurant with dishes of European and Oriental cuisine, as well as exclusive compliments from the chef.

Take an unforgettable trip to Ark SPA Palace - take a step towards yourself, make sure that life is beautiful when you live it!

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Whatever your preference, at Ark SPA Palace you will find what you have been looking for for a long time.  Whether it is the wet steam of a Russian bath or a dry Finnish sauna. Deep warming up 

Roman baths or oriental exoticism of the Turkish hammam. The power of the four elements of the Japanese ofuro: fire (heat), water (moisture), air (steam) and earth (stability); or the anti-aging properties of the Salt steam room.   Whichever direction you choose, the Ark SPA Palace bath complexes will surely become your health bath.

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We create incredible looks, use only professional cosmetics.