From October 18, Ark SPA Palace operates in accordance with the rules of the red zone.

Thank you for understanding. Best regards, administration.

For advertisers Ark-SPA Health and Beauty Center

To advertisers

Place your ad in our center
For advertisers Ark-SPA Health and Beauty Center

With beauty and health of the body comes spirited comfort

Looking into the center of Ark SPA Palace in Odessa, you are convinced that any esthetic problem has a solution.

Advertising in the “Ark SPA Palace” is:

• Projection of the institution's impeccable reputation on the reputation of the advertised goods and services;
• High purchasing activity of your potential customers - members of the club “Ark SPA Palace”;
• Direct contact with the target audience;
• High degree of audience trust;
• The possibility of personalized appeal;
• Long duration and quality of contact;
• The possibility of feedback.


Ready to provide informational and advertising assistance:

• Placement of printing products on racks and tables of the reception of the complex, in the SPA rest zones, in the restaurant hall;
• Internal advertising space. Location: fitness club, the main entrance to the spa, the main reception;
• Placement of branded racks, advertising structures;
• Branding an interior, inventory, a form of employees;
• Placing posters in changing rooms;
• Placing stickers on the doors of the cabinets in the changing rooms of the bath complex and fitness center.

Details by phone: +38 (0482) 339-210, 339-217

For advertisers Ark-SPA Health and Beauty Center

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