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The main thing in life is health.

The main thing in life is health. It must be supported by all means, including by visiting fitness club or gym... If there are no serious medical contraindications, then a system of training and anaerobics is an effective means of ensuring joint mobility and the strength of the muscle corset.

What is strength training?

Physical training with weights and sports equipment is strength. This type of workout is also called anaerobic. Translated from Greek, this word literally means the following: “negation an, air aer, life bios; existence without air. " When a person performs physical complexes, energy is generated in his muscles without the help of oxygen.

For comparison: aerobics (classical, dance fitness, step, body shaping), during which the source of energy is oxygen. Anaerobic lessons can be individual, pair and group under the supervision, correction of a specialist, or with the instructor's direct showing of the whole complex.

Strength training principles

Each athlete, preparing for the competition, performs manipulations with dumbbells, kettlebells, and a barbell. In order to be in shape, he uses various simulators: rowing, weight-block, bicycle, treadmill, floor horizontal bar, wall bars, special benches. Strength training is available to anyone, not just a professional.

Strength training principles:

  • gradual increase in load,
  • a variety of muscle strengthening complexes,
  • use of special equipment,
  • obligatory ability to work with own weight,
  • a combination of work on simulators with push-ups, squats, walking and running.

What are the benefits of strength training?

Performing anaerobic functions, each person has the opportunity to be or become the master of his body:

  • strengthen your own skeleton,
  • maintain and increase muscle elasticity,
  •  provide long-term joint mobility,
  • prolong the youth of the body,
  • set yourself up for a healthy lifestyle,
  • increase endurance,
  • make more strength,
  • reduce or increase weight.
Guided strength training fitness specialists more useful and safe than independent ones. Coaches will help you to correctly calculate the load, if necessary, draw up an individual program, suggest the necessary sports complexes, monitor and correct their implementation. You can do strength training by purchasing our fitness membership for 3.6 or 12 months, this type of training is included in the price.  

Fitness subscriptions

And also the price of the subscription includes:

  • Individual towel, bathrobe, slippers;
  • Reliable safes;
  • Comfortable changing rooms;
  • Freezing the card for the period of absence: (3 months - 7 days, 6 months - 15 days, 12 months - 30 days);
  • Gym visit;
  • Induction training in the gym;
  • Free visiting group programs;
  • Drawing up an individual training plan;
  • Gift spa visit;
  • 1 personal training in the gym (60 minutes);
  • Breakfast at restaurant
  • 1 cosmetic procedure to choose from (FULL skin, pressotherapy, hydromassage.)

Who is strength training for?

Anaerobic training is suitable for all adults and adolescents over the age of twelve. If there are any medical conditions, men and women should first consult a doctor so as not to harm themselves. For children, this condition is mandatory. Care should be taken to strain the body in the postoperative period, during pregnancy, after childbirth, with hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

Before starting training, you need to undergo testing, according to the results of which an individual program will be determined, the details of the features of performing individual tasks within the framework of general training will be detailed. If you have problems with joints, spine or muscles, we suggest you order the service kinesitherapy. It is advisable to pump muscles for young people without objects, aiming adolescents to work with their own weight.

Basic principles of strength training

The main statements regarding anaerobics are:

  1. The selection of exercises and the technique of their implementation provide half the success,
  2. The brevity of the breaks between sets increases their effectiveness,
  3. A specific goal should be set before the exercise machine, which muscle group will be in priority today and now;
  4. Physical activity time for women should not exceed one hour,
  5. Due to the repeated repetition of actions, the mass is pumped up,
  6. Work in the gym should not be exhausting: an athlete or an amateur should listen to his body and, in case of unpleasant sensations, correctly get out of muscle tone.

For some members of the group, within the framework of approximately the same load for all, differentiation is possible. One person can use weights on the legs and / or arms, while another works without them. Also, the equipment differs in weight (body bars marked in blue, red, green; dumbbells marked with kilograms or grams on them), in strength (for example, wide rubber bands that are worn on the legs during physical actions, serving as a kind of weighting).

By purchasing not only our subscriptions, but club cards for 3.6 or 12 months, you can go in for sports from morning to evening without restrictions, have breakfast in our restaurant, order beauty treatments and visit our spa visits.

One spa visit includes: 

At the time of buying fitness card, a visit to the spa 550 UAH. Fitness classes in Odessa are quite popular, as the city has many gyms, clubs, our beauty and health center ark spa, equipped with advanced equipment and all the necessary equipment and items for comfortable training and relaxation. Combined with active training and simulator training, our spa treatments help to achieve the desired result. 

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