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Infrared sauna Ark-SPA Health and Beauty Center

Infrared sauna

Helps to relax quickly and effectively
Unusual sauna with optimal temperature

Infrared sauna helps to get rid of muscle pain and fatigue in just half an hour. Such a sauna is well suited to people who do not tolerate the high temperatures of a Russian bath or a Finnish steam room. Inside the sauna with infrared radiation, the temperature does not exceed 50 degrees - it is easy and pleasant to carry it at any age.

The cost of an infrared bath is included in the price of spa visits

800 UAH


По будням с 21:00 до 23:00

850 UAH


On weekdays from 9:00 to 14:00

1100 UAH


On weekdays from 9:00 to 23:00

1350 UAH

weekend spa visit

Weekends and holidays from 09:00 to 23:00

350 UAH

children's spa visit

Daily from 9:00 to 23:00 for children 0-3 years

550 UAH

children's spa visit

Daily from 9:00 to 23:00 up to 12 years old 

1350 UAH

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Daily from 9:00 to 23:00 

(В рамках подарочного сертификата можно добавить СПА-визит и другие любые услуги комплекса (массаж, банные процедуры, косметологические услуги и др.)

Также доступна опция депозита: закрепить сумму от 1350 грн за сертификатом. Получатель сертификата сам сможет выбрать любые услуги Ark-Spa Palace в рамках суммы.


3750 грн

Gift card 🎀

Includes three spa visits

Включает в себя три СПА-визита, два визита в фитнес

A visit to one spa visit includes a visit to 10 types of baths: 


Relieves stress and helps to recover

Take an infrared sauna in a small booth. The heat of infrared rays has a beneficial effect on the body, helps to relax. Even a few minutes in soft warmth will give the effect of a general massage, help calm the body tense from the city life.

Infrared sauna helps to get rid of muscle pain and fatigue in just half an hour. Such a sauna is well suited to people who do not tolerate the high temperatures of a Russian bath or a Finnish steam room. Inside the sauna with infrared radiation, the temperature does not exceed 50 degrees - it is easy and pleasant to carry it at any age.

The infrared bath is a small chamber with a bench, lined with natural wood from the inside and equipped with infrared emitters. The waves do not heat the air, but objects in the area of effect. They penetrate 4 cm into the body and gently warm up the skin, joints, and internal organs. The radiation is in the range of values natural for the human body, therefore it is safe. A person's response to intense heat exposure is individual.

Its health-improving effect is based on the action of infrared (ie thermal) radiation of a given wavelength, verified experimentally. Radiation penetrates the human body to a certain depth, warming up tissues, joints and internal organs, thereby causing an increased flow of lymph and blood to the tissues and increased sweating. And since infrared radiation does not affect transparent objects, it does not heat the air in the cabin, so the temperature there is kept relatively mild - from 50 to 55 ° C.

If we compare the effect on the body of an infrared cabin and a sauna, it should be noted in the first case, an enhanced therapeutic effect with a more gentle regime. In the sauna, the heat acts only on the skin, but here - directly on the internal organs and deep tissues. 

Therefore, sweating occurs 2-3 times more intensely, and at the same time 4 times more solids are excreted, such as fat, cholesterol, lactic acid, toxins, toxins, heavy metal salts, etc., Up to 2400 kcal are burned per session, which helps to balance weight. 

And since this happens at a comfortable temperature, and not at 110 degrees, as in a sauna, the skin also tolerates this procedure better. The cosmetic effect, as they say, is obvious - due to the opening of the pores, the removal of toxins from the tissues, the skin becomes smooth and elastic, many skin diseases quickly disappear "by themselves." 

In addition, cellulite deposits are absorbed, excess fat is broken down and removed. It has been proven that infrared radiation promotes wound healing, skin regeneration after burns, including sunburn.

Increased sweating reduces the burden on the kidneys, which helps relieve swelling caused by kidney failure. By accelerating the elimination of toxins and cholesterol from the body, training the heart muscle can reduce the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases, as well as reduce high diastolic blood pressure. The vessels expand, the walls of the vessels become more elastic, the blood circulation in the body improves, which, in turn, contributes to the healing of certain vascular diseases.

  • take thermal treatments for 20-35 minutes a day;
  • be sure to cleanse the skin before the sauna, and do not forget that there are other procedures for tightening the skin and losing weight, use them in combination;
  • the ideal time to visit the infrared sauna for weight loss is after a sports workout. If you are doing massages, let them precede the procedure in the sauna, but do not forget to rinse off the creams and oils. You shouldn't "sit" on an empty stomach, as well as after a hearty supper;
  • before the sauna, drink a glass of vegetable or citrus juice or a light smoothie, then - eat a small protein dish with green salad, you can taste all this in our restaurant;
  • you should not treat a cold, headache or weakness and temporary malaise with a sauna procedure, heating is additional stress, so refrain from it during the treatment;
  • during the procedure, you need to drink water, but not too much. Too much drinking overloads the heart.

By following these rules, you can be sure that a visit to the infrared sauna will benefit your body. Observe moderation in beauty treatments, exercise, and you will definitely achieve the figure of your dreams!

Another effect of the cabin is an increase in body temperature to 38.5 C. The body imitates the natural reaction to infections, the development of pathogens is inhibited, and many diseases are suppressed as soon as they begin. If the disease flares up, heating in the cabin is very effective for bronchitis, pneumonia, otitis media, rhinitis, and throat ailments. Infrared heating also works well on joints, cures rheumatism, and so on.

Special mention should be made of the effect of infrared radiation on muscles and joints. Deep warming up of muscles allows athletes to start training or competition without exhausting warm-up. After training, a similar effect frees muscles from lactic acid, relieves spasms, cramps, fatigue, pain from injuries, and allows you to start massage. All this makes the infrared cabin indispensable for professional athletes, and just for lovers of a healthy lifestyle.

A list of problems and diseases that can be eliminated by regular use of penetrating infrared radiation: 

  • high or low blood pressure;
  • overweight problems 
  • cellulite, 
  • circulatory disorders, 
  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • sleep disorders, 
  • stress, 
  • cleansing the body of toxins and toxins,
  • back pain, 
  • digestive disorders 
  • diseases of the ear, throat, nose, 
  • skin diseases, 
  • weakness and exhaustion of the body, 
  • stomach pains, 
  • colds, 
  • chronic muscle pain, bronchitis, etc.


Simple relaxation will also be an obvious application of the infrared cabin. Just a few minutes in the soft warmth of the infrared will give you the effect of a general massage, soothing tense nerves and tense muscles. You will feel rejuvenated and rejuvenated, restored mental and physical strength.

Relieves stress and relieves muscle pain

Removes slags and toxins

Suitable for children and adults

Provides an antibacterial effect

To enhance the effect of an infrared sauna, the interior walls of the booth in Ark SPA Palace are upholstered with real wood. This is how antibacterial therapy is obtained - the tree releases useful substances that kill harmful microorganisms in the air and on the mucous membranes of a person.

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Infrared sauna Ark-SPA Health and Beauty Center

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