Russian sauna

Russian Bath Center for Health and Beauty Arc-SPA


Imitation of the russian stove for bath procedures
The real russian bath with a cold barrel and oaking brooms

Taking the Russian sauna is one of the favorite traditions in our country.
In Ark SPA Palace we imitate a russian oven, use wooden benches,
oak and birch brooms. All this create a spirit of real russian sauna
and gift pleasure to visiting.

Improves health and gets rid of the tiredness

The russian sauna gift cheerfulness and a good mood, gets rid of disease, improves appearance and gets rid of the tiredness. The sauna is useful for treatments, cleaning the viscera and skin, for weight losing and body recovery.

Font with cold water

Imitation of the russian stove for bath procedures

Certified specialists of bath and wellness services

Gifts spiritual joy and make your day memorable

In Ark Spa Palace a room of the Russian sauna made of natural wood - as it should be. This helps to relax and have a good time. We suggest brooms, services of professional bath attendants, optional - body wrapping and massage.

Russian sauna

Imitation of the russian stove for bath procedures 

Finnish sauna

A great way to relax and revive your organism

Snow room

The contrast of temperatures always has a positive effect on the body

Infrared sauna

There is no more effective and quick way to relax.

Roman terms

The art of Oriental relaxation with audio therapy and aroma oils

Turkish hammam

Marble table, music and a big choice of rituals

Salt sauna

Intensive salt spraying every 10 minutes and a pleasant atmosphere of relax.

Japanese ofuro

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Aroma sauna

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Swimming pool

An opportunity to relax, distract and get healthy physical activity

SPA cinema

Special armchairs for two persons and a choice of massages for the duration of the session

The world of childhood

Experienced educators, modern playroom and the children's pool

Russian Bath Center for Health and Beauty Arc-SPA

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