Spa cinema

SPA-cinema Ark-SPA Health and Beauty Center

Spa cinema

Special chairs for two and massage right during the session

Watch a movie and relax during the massage and beauty treatments.

A unique service of Ark SPA Palace - SPA-cinema. Will help get rid of stress, fatigue or emotional stress. The cinema room resembles an ordinary dark room with a large screen. Only instead of the smell of popcorn - aromatic oils, incense, pleasant aroma of cosmetics.

Spend time together with a loved one

The SPA cinema room is designed for two people - this is an additional opportunity to relax and unwind. Visitors settle down in comfortable lounge chairs and watch a relaxing movie. The program includes professional legs and foots massage, pedicure, scrubs and peels for the skin of legs and feet.

Big screen

Special chairs for two spectators

While watching, perform the foot massage

Helps to relax and unwind

In the spa cinema you will feel a full emotional and physical relaxation, forget about the problems and experiences. This will help you become calmer in the following days. The condition of your legs will also improve - the blood flow is normalized, the muscles relax.

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