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Turkish hammam Ark-SPA Health and Beauty Center

Turkish hammam

The best Turkish traditions and rituals for relax
Eastern traditions for health and beauty

Turkish hammam is different from the Russian bath and Finnish sauna, even externally. The decoration does not use wood, which absorbs moisture, but only ceramic tiles or natural marble - to maintain maximum humidity. If you do not like high temperatures, then the Turkish hammam is perfect for you.

The cost of the hammam is included in the price of the spa visits

650 UAH

spa visit "Morning"

From Mon/Fri from 09:00 to 11:00

The price includes only towel rental!

+100 UAH linen rental (robe, sheet, towel)

When leaving, you must return the set of linen!

900 UAH

spa visit "Day"

From Mon/Fri from 09:00 to 14:00

The price includes only towel rental!

+100 UAH linen rental (robe, sheet, towel)

When leaving, you must return the set of linen!

1350 UAH

spa visit

Daily from 09:00 to 21:00

At the time of visiting the spa complex, we provide a set of linen (bathrobe, towel, sheet) for use. When leaving, you must return the set of linen!


UAH 1500

Gift Certificate

Daily from 9:00 to 21:00 

As part of the gift certificate, you can add a SPA visit and any other services of the complex (massage, bath procedures, cosmetic services, etc.)

A deposit option is also available: assign an amount from 1500 UAH to a certificate. The recipient of the certificate will be able to choose any Ark-Spa Palace services within the amount.


400 UAH

children's spa visit

Daily from 9:00 to 21:00

Linen set not included


350 UAH

Children's spa visit

For club members

Daily from 9:00 to 21:00

Linen set not included


300 UAH

children's spa visit

0 to 3 years 

Daily from 9:00 to 21:00

Linen set not included

Linen rental

  • Towel rent 50 UAH ........penalty for loss 250 UAH
  • Slippers rent 50 UAH .............. penalty for loss 150 UAH
  • Sheet rent 25 UAH ........... penalty for loss 200 UAH
  • Bathrobe rent 100 UAH ............... fine for the loss of 900 UAH

Linen rental

  • Towel rental 50 UAH (penalty for loss 250 UAH)
  • Slippers rent 50 UAH (penalty for loss 150 UAH)
  • Sheet rental 25 UAH (penalty for loss 200 UAH)
  • Bathrobe rent 100 UAH (penalty for loss 900 UAH)
We keep eastern traditions

In Ark SPA Palace follow Turkish customs and offer visitors to pass the eastern ritual. The bathing procedure consists of warming up the body, peeling with a tight mitten, soaping, vigorous massage, dousing with water and relaxation.

Marble table for professional massage

Large choose of rituals in the hammam

Turkish music and oriental traditions

We offer a choice of massage

According to Turkish traditions, we offer several types of massage: for strengthening the body, relaxing, losing weight, lifting the tone, before and after exercise. In Ark SPA Palace we also conduct a classic oil massage with a special herbal composition, which has an additional therapeutic effect.

Reviews "Hammam"

Turkish "hammam" owes its origin to Roman baths. Here, oriental flavor and Turkish exoticism are combined with ancient traditions of ablution and treatment. The name comes from the Hebrew (Arabic) "ham" - hot. Often temples of other religions and the surviving Roman baths were rebuilt under the hammams.

The famous Turkish court architect Sinan, who created in the XU century. mosques, madrasahs and palaces, with special love he built baths: "I did not go to the doctors a lot, because I never forgot the bath." He lived to be 100 years old.

Hamam is a real panacea for many diseases. According to the great Arab doctor Avicenna: "If you exercise, lead a healthy lifestyle and do not forget to visit the bathhouse, there is no need for medicine." 

Hippocrates believed that the heating of the body in the bath should take place slowly and evenly. No other bath, except for the hammam, will provide just such a warm-up. 

A delicate and relaxing effect in the hammam is achieved due to the special climate with a temperature regime of 35 to 55 degrees and high humidity, which is quite easily tolerated.

The main secret of the hammam is warm and light steam. It saturates the body with moisture, gently opening pores and relaxing muscles, improves blood circulation, lets tired lungs "breathe", literally "flushes" the entire body.

Hammam has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, relieves muscle pain, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, cures insomnia and rheumatism.

Hammam is useful for diseases of the cardiovascular system, digestive disorders - along with sweat, toxins and toxins are actively removed, which normalizes metabolism, relieves excess weight. The hammam provides a "short-term vacation" to the kidneys, liver, improves the secretion of bile. Strong and healthy hammam will help to maintain good physical shape and good spirits. Here the skin is moisturized, the hair becomes stronger. A regular visit to the hammam is the best way to fight cellulite!

The hammam saturates the internal organs with moisture, so there is no thirst either during a visit to the bathhouse or after. At the end of all procedures, you can drink a cup of herbal tea.

Throughout its history, Turkish massage has absorbed a huge number of techniques borrowed by the Arabs from the conquered peoples, and turned out to be, in its own way, a carrier of massage culture from West to East and vice versa.

Paying tribute to ancient Roman traditions, you can order a massage in the hammam. Here it is much more effective than under normal conditions - aromatic oils produce an additional therapeutic effect on clean, warmed up skin.

The visit to the hammam ends with traditional tea drinking and, most importantly, with a feeling of truly heavenly bliss!

Russian sauna

Imitation of the russian stove for bath procedures 

Finnish sauna

A great way to relax and revive your organism

Snow room

The contrast of temperatures always has a positive effect on the body

Infrared sauna

There is no more effective and quick way to relax.

Roman terms

The art of Oriental relaxation with audio therapy and aroma oils

Turkish hammam

Marble table, music and a big choice of rituals

Salt sauna

Intensive salt spraying every 10 minutes and a pleasant atmosphere of relax.

Japanese ofuro

This is a classic Japanese bath which regularly takes every Japanese.

Aroma sauna

Calm temperature, relaxing music and aroma lamps

Swimming pool

An opportunity to relax, distract and get healthy physical activity

SPA cinema

Special armchairs for two persons and a choice of massages for the duration of the session

The world of childhood

Experienced educators, modern playroom and the children's pool

Turkish hammam Ark-SPA Health and Beauty Center

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