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Hair spa ritual

Spa hair care is a unique procedure aimed at healing and nourishing the hair and scalp. A program for restoring or maintaining the natural beauty of hair is selected individually for each client. The care complex includes:

  • Scalp peeling to remove dead skin cells
  • Nutrition with natural oils
  • Selection of professional cosmetic care products - shampoos, conditioners, masks
  • Relaxing massage to enhance the blood supply to the scalp
  • Lamination and glossing, to strengthen and protect against external negative factors
  •  Sauna complex for maximum penetration of nutrients

The main indications for SPA for hair

Spa therapy for hair is indicated not only for owners of problematic hair, but also for women who want to keep their hair healthy and strong. A comprehensive approach to treatment and recovery solves most of the common problems:

  • eliminates increased fat content;
  • accelerates hair growth and prevents hair loss;
  • solders and restores split ends;
  • plumps the structure of the hairs, giving them a healthy shine and volume

SPA - procedure for colored hair

Hair that is regularly exposed to dyes requires special care. Spa complex for colored hair includes a number of procedures aimed not only at care, but also at shade correction.

The spa color restoration technique is rightfully considered the most gentle and useful. Thanks to the use of natural ingredients, coloring does not destroy the hair, but on the contrary, nourishes and strengthens them, allowing you to change the tone by 3-5 shades. The price for the procedure may vary depending on the length and degree of damage.

Features of SPA - procedures for colored hair

Spa procedure for hair that is regularly dyed consists of several stages:

  • Diagnostics - revealing the elasticity and density of the hair
  • Selection of professional care cosmetics
  • Application of restorative dyes
  • Hair adjustments - split ends removal and styling

You can check the cost of the procedure on our website or by phone.

Advantages of contacting the Ark SPA Palace in Odessa

Coming to the hair spa in our center (Odessa, Genuezskaya str. 1a), you get not only a restorative procedure, but also a feeling of serenity and tranquility during its implementation. Our experts will advise and select the right complex for you. 

In our spa center Ark Spa has a specially equipped thermo spa couch where various spa wraps are performed, for example: 


  • Moroccan ritual
    2050 UAH
    90 minutes
  • Secrets of Travel Body Ritual
    2550 UAH
    90 minutes
  • Body ritual "Amber Luxury"
    2550 UAH
    90 minutes
  • "Luxury of the Sultan" and "Roksolana"
    2050 UAH
    90 minutes
  • "Delicate as silk"
    1650 UAH
    40 minutes
  • Morjana Citrus freshness
    2550 UAH
    90 minutes
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