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BUMS+ABS - training is aimed at the qualitative study of the gluteal muscles, consists of strength and aerobic exercises.

Coach: Violetta

BUMS+ABS Workout Schedule

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Workouts BUMS + ABS

Health and beauty center Ark SPA Palace comprehensively cares about its clients, providing services aimed at healing, relaxation and getting positive emotions. Fitness workouts not only improve well-being, but also relieve nervous tension, which often interferes with concentration. BUMS + ABS is a universal direction that will tone the body in a short period of time.

What is BUMS + ABS

BUMS + ABS is group trainingthat promote health, develop muscle strength. Our experts develop and rotate tasks to target different muscle groups. During the exercise, not only the abdominals and buttocks are involved, but also a strengthening effect on the whole body is observed. The developed set of exercises refers to moderate severity, therefore, abs training is suitable for people with different levels of physical fitness. A properly constructed structure ensures good results and high-quality performance of all types of activities.

Benefits of the Bams + ABS program

  • impact on the buttocks and abdominals;
  • strengthening the back, improving posture and eliminating ailments;
  • development of endurance and coordination - the more a person trains, the easier it is to cope with difficulties;
  • improving the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • getting rid of excess weight.

The structure of the event:

  • impact on the muscles of the lower body (lunges, squats, bicycle, bent leg raise, gluteal bridge);
  • work with the muscles of the abdominal press and back (twisting, plank);
  • stretching the whole body, restoring breathing.

How is the workout structured?

Bums abs workout consists of successive stages that gradually become more difficult and prepare for the next load. To begin with, a warm-up is carried out, which warms the joints and tunes in to the work process. Quests are modeled depending on the selected inventory, which is also presented in the arc spa.

 The classical direction takes on a new form when using interesting techniques and modern equipment. Even one hour in our center will give a tremendous effect. The work rhythm will create a musical accompaniment that will also provide an emotional uplift.

Benefits from classes

Fitness classes in Odessa are carried out efficiently and efficiently in the center beauty and health Ark SPA Palace. After a set of exercises, a person receives a charge of energy, becomes vigorous and energetic, gains a slender figure. Fitness affects overall health, prevents disease, and improves well-being. Working on oneself stimulates and inspires for further achievements, prepares for life trials. Take care of your health with ARK SPA PALACE, choose fitness membership for 3.6 or 12 months! 

Fitness subscriptions

Equipment for bams abs

The program is diverse, so for each stage you need a certain inventory. Dumbbells and weights of various weights, leg weights, elastic bands, step platforms, body bars, fitball, bosu are actively used. To increase efficiency, the equipment can be combined, used alternately. 

It is recommended for beginners to use small and light objects, and then gradually increase the mass, the number of approaches. Regularity is very important, which every day will push for new transformations.

Results with regular exercise

A slender and fit figure is a dream and goal for many girls. Regular abs workouts lasting one hour will make your dream come true, quickly change your figure to the desired parameters. Strengthened workout of the abdominal muscles prevents the appearance of folds on the body, sagging skin. The structure, aimed at strengthening the whole body, helps to remove problem areas and fully recover.

Regular exercise relieves pain, strengthens the back muscles and prevents the development of pathologies. After intensive exercises, the stoop disappears, the formation of correct posture is noticeable.


Our trainers will help you choose a diet based on individual characteristics, which will allow you to control changes, analyze and correct mistakes. It is important not to overwork yourself, to correctly alternate rest with stress, draw up a schedule and strictly follow it.


BUMS + ABS implies working with equipment of different weights, so you need to remember about the technique of performing the exercises, calculate the strength in order to avoid injuries. There are also such contraindications: 

  • back problems;
  • diseases of the heart, gastrointestinal tract;
  • asthma;
  • hypertension;
  • severe stage of arthritis;
  • malignant neoplasms.

 Temporary contraindications include injury, infection, feeling unwell and weak, pregnancy, and changes in blood pressure. 

Buying our club cards - you can go in for sports from morning to evening without restrictions, have breakfast in our restaurant, order beauty treatments and visit our spa visits. One spa visit includes: 

At the time of buying fitness card, a visit to the spa 550 UAH. Quiet music, calm atmosphere, smooth movements, a certain philosophy of training - all this pacifies and transfers to another world. You will undoubtedly improve not only your physical fitness, but also your mood. 

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