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Types of cosmetic procedures in ARKSPA and their benefits

Modern cosmetology includes a wide range of treatments. It allows you to provide complete facial care, quick body shaping and solve many other aesthetic problems.

Today, a beautiful and bright appearance decides a lot. It is almost impossible to achieve the desired result and provide the perfect face and body care at home. However, you can always visit cosmetology centerwhere qualified professionals will select the right program for you and give you appropriate recommendations. A visit to a beautician is recommended for both women and men. The sooner you turn to specialists, the more noticeable and quick the result will be.

Popular cosmetic procedures

Modern cosmetology relies on the use of the latest scientific developments, effective means and devices. With the right approach and choice of cosmetic procedures, it is possible to control metabolic processes in tissues, start cell regeneration and rejuvenation. Do not forget that cosmetology is a field of medicine, which means that it is necessary to approach the choice of a specialist with special attention.

Hardware Cosmetology

Hardware Cosmetology - one of the most effective areas for face and body care. All procedures are performed using special equipment. This type of cosmetology has the following advantages:

  • high efficiency;
  • quick achievement of the result;
  • the possibility of using both at a young and mature age;
  • the ability to combine procedures with others.

Hardware cosmetology is suitable for cleansing and rejuvenating the skin, as well as for getting rid of scars, scars and age spots. To achieve the result, you need to complete a course consisting of several procedures.

Aesthetic cosmetology

Aesthetic cosmetology includes face care and body. In this case, low-traumatic techniques are used. This approach allows you to solve a wide range of problems without the need for surgical intervention. The advantages of aesthetic cosmetology include:

  • fast and noticeable result;
  • minimum discomfort;
  • long-term effect.

The procedures are selected by the beautician after examining the client. At the same time, the general condition of the skin, age, the presence of chronic diseases and many other factors are assessed.

Figure correction

Figure correction allows you to eliminate the most common problems without surgery and tedious training. In most cases, hardware techniques are used for correction, a little less often specialists resort to injections. The following problems can be solved with the help of common cosmetic procedures:

  • get rid of cellulite;
  • break up local fat deposits;
  • restore elasticity to muscles and skin;
  • reduce stretch marks, etc.

SPA-complex Arcadia offers to visit a beautician and get advice. An experienced doctor will assess the condition of your skin and body, select the most effective remedies and procedures to eliminate the problem. To maintain beauty and youth, we recommend that you regularly visit a beautician and follow his recommendations.

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