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A practice based on ancient Indian traditions and aimed at harmonizing body and soul.

Coach: Dina

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Yoga classes are becoming more and more popular these training and individual training) as a replacement gym. The practice has many benefits for the body and mind. Meditation and various, almost acrobatic positions of the body. Interest in yoga in the world is growing every year. Its popularity is due, among other things, to its health benefits. Exercises are usually called the term “yoga”, and in specialized schools and courses you can often find such terms as “Hatha yoga”, “Ashtanga”, “Vinyasa”.

Etymology of the word yoga

Yoga is a spiritual system resulting from the interaction of two great cultures; Aryan and Dravidian. The Dravidian culture and influence is today more preserved in southern India, where the population has a darker complexion. The Aryans are tribes from Siberia who invaded India around 2000 BC. Their complexion is lighter, and the northern part is dominated ethnically by people of Aryan origin with a fair complexion.

This word often refers to "asanas" - postures of the body included in the "hatha" exercises. The word "ha-tha" means "sun and moon", the balance between solar and lunar energies (male and female). The word "yoga" comes from the Sanskrit root "yuj". Its translation means union or connection. This word captures the meaning of yoga as it integrates the physical, mental and spiritual elements of a person. Practice creates the opposite state of the stress response.

Hatha exercises should be performed in a state of deep relaxation, then they can become both a way to improve health and deepen our spiritual harmony and develop us spiritually.


The Purpose of Yoga

The main task of yoga is the assimilation of the basics necessary for awareness and security. The focus is on basic asanas, the correct position of the body. The occupation originates in India, where it has been practiced for over 4,000 years. Science is known as a system of physical and breathing exercises.

The teaching is associated with Indian philosophy, belongs to the six restrictive systems. The purpose of yoga is to balance the body and soul, it is not a religion, but self-improvement. The well-known definition of yoga is associated with Swatmarama Yoga philosophy. Breathing techniques and asanas are important in this philosophy.

Who benefits from yoga?

Almost everyone can practice yoga - women and men, young and old, people who regularly and intensively go in for sports, those who are far from the world of sports.

Yoga is an ideal form of physical activity for people who work at a desk and complain of back and neck pain. It's also worth noting that exercising regularly can provide relief if you're exposed to stressful situations on a daily basis and struggle with mood swings.

Benefits of yoga for the body

The practice of yoga has a positive effect on the body and mental health. There are many benefits, only the most important ones are listed below.

The most important benefits of yoga are:

  • posture improvement;
  • increasing the body's immunity;
  • improved mood and reduced stress;
  • relief of menstrual pain;
  • improving body flexibility;
  • regulated blood pressure;
  • feeling of relaxation and moral stability;
  • better coordination of movements.

Regular practice is carried out to relieve pain in the back, joints and bones. Sign up for yoga increases the performance of muscles and tendons. It improves posture, strengthens the muscles that determine a beautiful gait, and has a positive effect on the systems of the human body: nervous, circulatory, digestive and respiratory. It cleanses the body of toxins, speeds up metabolism, improves mood, reduces stress levels, treats depression and is useful for anxiety or panic attacks.


Features of yoga

When doing yoga, you need to pay attention to certain rules in each position:

  • slowness (all movements are slow and careful);
  • breathing (breathing should complement the movements of the body);
  • concentration (focusing on the correct position, on the internal state);
  • energy saving (relaxation of some muscles and tension of others);
  • awareness (all movements must be performed consciously, deliberately);
  • the principle of pure reason (we turn off thinking and focus only on exercises and the body).

Myths about yoga are the lot of people who wonder if it's worth trying, but at the same time watch those who practice it. They come to the conclusion that for various reasons they should not do this (they look for excuses). Below are the most common myths and why they shouldn't be taken seriously.


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Yoga classes in Odessa Ark-SPA health and beauty center

Myths about yoga

Join on group training can be purchased at any time by purchasing a one-time or permanent fitness club membership. Exercises are adapted to the capabilities of people who are just starting to exercise. They are repeated over and over and the technique for achieving perfection in each asana is explained. Don't worry about the body being inflexible. This changes with practice. For classes in a yoga school, you will need a comfortable sports uniform. It is better to practice yoga barefoot. Yoga in Odessa provides mats and other necessary equipment.

This is not a coercion and not a condition for practicing yoga. The decision to switch to a vegetarian diet should be based on personal conviction, not on the assumption that it is required by practice. And if someone thinks that vegetarianism is his way, that's fine. If not, then everyone takes responsibility for their actions and bears their consequences.


In yoga, they throw their legs over their heads, do splits and stand on their heads. This is how a lot of people think about it. Automatically, with such a vision, fear arises, fear that we will not cope with the tasks that the teacher will set us.

Real yoga classes have little to do with magazine covers. The level of training matches the level of the group, the teacher makes every effort to ensure that each student receives the maximum benefit. More advanced positions are preceded by a lot of preparation, are introduced gradually, and some of them are practiced only in groups labeled "advanced".


Initially, only men were engaged in teaching. Since then, for several centuries, the situation has completely changed, dominated by women. The belief that yoga is a typically female activity is extremely strong. Co-education, allowing men and women, was established relatively recently.

There are also classes for men, led by a male teacher, without the admission of women - all so that men do not feel ashamed, they feel more comfortable.


Why should you do yoga?

Yoga in Odessa from ARK SPA PALACE will allow you to take part in both classical classes (hatha, vinyasa) and go to the fitness room. There are courses dedicated to people with health problems:

  • yoga for the back
  • fitness yoga;
  • yoga for weight loss.

The ARK SPA PALACE offer also includes power yoga classes and sometimes various seminars on the topic. During group trainings and individual trainings, trainers will take care of the comfort and well-being of each participant, adjusting the exercises to their abilities and goals.

Yoga classes are a great opportunity to do something that will benefit both the body and the soul. Relax, improve your figure and reach your ideal weight with us.

All our group workouts are 55 minutes long and our personal workouts are 60 minutes long. 

Fitness trainers it is recommended to conduct trainings 2 times a week. It is advisable for people with a low level of health to gradually get used to the stress.

Take care of your health with ARK SPA PALACE, choose fitness membership for 3.6 or 12 months! 


  • Individual towel, bathrobe, slippers;
  • Reliable safes;
  • Comfortable changing rooms;
  • Freezing the card for the period of absence: (3 months - 7 days, 6 months - 15 days, 12 months - 30 days);
  • Visit gym;
  • Induction training in the gym;
  • Free attendance of group programs;
  • Drawing up an individual training plan;
  • Gift spa visit;
  • 1 personal training in the gym (60 minutes);
  • Breakfast at restaurant
  • 1 cosmetic procedure to choose from (FULL skin, pressotherapy, hydromassage.)

At what age can yoga be practiced?

Usually the teacher shows different versions of the asana so that students with different levels of physical fitness can perform it correctly. Attention is also paid to the breath and its control when performing the posture. The teacher often explains which muscles should be involved in each asana, how to enter and exit the pose. The practice can be demanding, but it is usually based on simple exercises to understand how to activate the body to get the most benefit.

Contraindications for yoga

Are there any contraindications for doing such a useful activity? Although hatha is one of the safest activities, there are situations when it is not advisable to do it without outside help or without consulting a doctor. These include, for example, severe back pain of unknown cause, balance problems, advanced osteoporosis, and pregnancy. In some cases, for example, during pregnancy, menstruation, osteoporosis, depression, exercises should be modified. People with health problems are asked to consult a teacher before beginning yoga classes. By purchasing our club cards, you can go in for sports from morning to evening without restrictions, have breakfast in our restaurant, order cosmetic procedures and visit our spa visits. One spa visit includes:  At the time of buying fitness card, a visit to the spa 550 UAH. Quiet music, calm atmosphere, smooth movements, a certain philosophy of training - all this pacifies and transfers to another world. You will undoubtedly improve not only your physical fitness, but also your mood.
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