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gift Certificate

We will help you to choose a worthy gift to a loved one

Gift certificate at the center of health and beauty
Ark SPA Palace

If you still do not know what to gift to your loved one, friend or colleague, then this service from Ark Spa Palace is for you. We offer to purchase a unique gift certificate to our Spa complex.

Выбирайте абсолютно любой вид услуг, в зависимости от предпочтений человека, которому будет адресован подарок.


Sessions are conducted by professionals who really know what they do

SPA rituals

Fill the day with a variety of cosmetic procedures and
SPA events

Individual training

A healthy lifestyle for many has become
not just a trend of fashion, but a vital necessity


We have everything for your
health and beauty!

SPA - day

SPA visits to Ark SPA Palace -
it is a pleasant necessity!


You can leave the choice to the one who becomes a visitor of Ark Spa

Сертификат от Ark Spa – не только приятный, но и полезный подарок.

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