From October 18, Ark SPA Palace operates in accordance with the rules of the red zone.

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SPA-BANI Ark-SPA Health and Beauty Center

Spa complex

Here you will find the best traditional baths
for the health and pep.

SPA visits to Ark SPA Palace -
it is a pleasant necessity!

Let us arrange your visit to the bathhouse in the best way.

 What do spa visits include? 

One spa visit includes:  Our unique spa complex Ark SPA Palace includes a Jacuzzi, herbal teas, a large swimming pool of 25 meters in length with a safe water purification system and a minimum amount of chlorine. On the territory of the SPA complex there is a unique and one-of-a-kind SPA cinema, where you can order Champi foot and head massage for an additional fee. In the SPA cinema you can not only have a good time watching exciting films / cartoons, but also relax and improve your health! Massage can be performed up to 8 massages simultaneously by appointment

The cost of spa visits

650 UAH

spa visit "Morning"

From Mon/Fri from 09:00 to 11:00

The price includes only towel rental!

+100 UAH linen rental (robe, sheet, towel)

When leaving, you must return the set of linen!

900 UAH

spa visit "Day"

From Mon/Fri from 09:00 to 14:00

The price includes only towel rental!

+100 UAH linen rental (robe, sheet, towel)

When leaving, you must return the set of linen!

1350 UAH

spa visit

Daily from 09:00 to 21:00

At the time of visiting the spa complex, we provide a set of linen (bathrobe, towel, sheet) for use. When leaving, you must return the set of linen!


UAH 1500

Gift Certificate

Daily from 9:00 to 21:00 

As part of the gift certificate, you can add a SPA visit and any other services of the complex (massage, bath procedures, cosmetic services, etc.)

A deposit option is also available: assign an amount from 1500 UAH to a certificate. The recipient of the certificate will be able to choose any Ark-Spa Palace services within the amount.


400 UAH

children's spa visit

Daily from 9:00 to 21:00

Linen set not included


350 UAH

Children's spa visit

For club members

Daily from 9:00 to 21:00

Linen set not included


300 UAH

children's spa visit

0 to 3 years 

Daily from 9:00 to 21:00

Linen set not included

Linen rental

  • Towel rent 50 UAH ........penalty for loss 250 UAH
  • Slippers rent 50 UAH .............. penalty for loss 150 UAH
  • Sheet rent 25 UAH ........... fine for loss 200 UAH
  • Bathrobe rent 100 UAH ............... fine for loss 900 UAH

10 bath cultures
Europe and Asia

So that you can feel the rest culture in different countries, we have gathered the bathing traditions of the peoples of the world in one place.

More than 100 types of massages

To make your body truly rested and refreshed, we offer the best massage practices from around the world.

SPA-BANI Ark-SPA Health and Beauty Center
Spacious SPA complex with bath areas, lounges, cosmetology centers, a swimming pool and a restaurant
We have been recognized as the best institution twice
in the field of beauty and health in Odessa

SPA complex

The SPA complex is a program of wellness procedures aimed at harmony of body, soul and spirit. Also SPA (SPA) includes fitness, cosmetology and massages 

SPA procedures promote acceleration of metabolism, elimination of toxins, improvement of blood circulation, rejuvenation. The ultimate goal of the impact on the body of the spa visitor is to harmonize the body and soul, improve the general condition.

Initially, the term, which comes from the name of the city of Spa in the Belgian province, denoted a special method of physiotherapy, involving balneotherapy and hydrotherapy at famous resorts in the world. Modern spa services are adapted to urban conditions without close proximity to the sea or a mineral spring with a rare medicinal composition. And yet their therapeutic effect remains, especially if the center is located in Odessa.

What are the advantages of massages at the Ark SPA Palace?

Want to keep your muscles toned, relieve puffiness and fatigue? The best solution would be massage. In our SPA complex Ark SPA Palace you will find many types of massages from classic to fiery.  Massage area, is several tables located next to each other. It is located on the territory of the spa complex, which allows you to perform massage at the same time for 2,3 or even 4 people without leaving it. This will allow use massage services with friends. If you want an individual massage, and not in the common room, you can go to the territory of cosmetology in the massage room. You can find a detailed list of massages in massage guide. 

SPA services

Procedure name

Price / Duration

Japanese non-contact vaping700 UAH – 20 min
Coronal warming + cotton relaxing massage800 UAH -20/30 min
Relax on the stove900 UAH – 45 min
Slavic massage with wooden spoons800 UAH -40 min
Massage rubbing herbs on the stove900 UAH – 40 min
Classic contrast vaping800 UAH – 15/20 min
Peeling with a wire-haired mitt made of natural threads650 UAH – 15 min
Honey peeling in a Russian bath650 UAH – 15-20 min.
Mustard peeling650 UAH – 15 min.


  • Moroccan ritual
    1950 UAH
    90 minutes
  • Secrets of Travel Body Ritual
    2450 UAH
    90 minutes
  • Body ritual "Amber Luxury"
    2450 UAH
    90 minutes
  • "Luxury of the Sultan" and "Roksolana"
    1950 UAH
    90 minutes
  • "Delicate as silk"
    1550 UAH
    40 minutes

Reviews about SPA services

What SPA services can be ordered additionally?

In addition to SPA visits, you can also order many other services of the Ark SPA Palace complex for an additional fee, for example, in Hamam, you can order: peeling, peeling with massage or a spa ritual. In the Russian bath: peeling, rubbing, steaming. There is a Russian stove next to the Russian bath, which makes it possible to carry out many different procedures, which you can familiarize yourself with in our bath guide... You can also visit our restaurant and taste European and Eastern cuisine. For more information on various options for dishes, see our menu

Why is it worth having spa treatments?

The bath complex is the heart of our spa complex, which is why we give it a central role. Since the bath is a place of peace, recovery, peace of mind and improvement health. How effective is the effect of baths on the body: 
  • Improves blood circulation
  • When visiting our baths, toxins and harmful toxins are removed from the body 
  • Promote healing and rejuvenation of the human body.
  • Our baths and saunas are recommended for chronic pathologies of the respiratory system, various colds, osteochondrosis, cellulite, and excessive weight. 
Do you want to visit all kinds of baths in Odessa, relax during effective spa treatments? Come to Ark SPA Palace!
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SPA visits to Ark SPA Palace
it is a pleasant necessity!