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Pilates is an exercise aimed at the prevention and rehabilitation of diseases of the spine, strengthening the internal muscular corset.

Coach: Anna B/Miroslava

Pilates Workout Schedule

PilatesA class aimed at preventing and rehabilitating diseases of the spine, strengthening the internal muscular system.


PilatesA class aimed at preventing and rehabilitating diseases of the spine, strengthening the internal muscular system.


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Do you constantly feel tired, suffer from back and joint pains, tired of fatty deposits on the waist and hips? Decided to go in for sports, but running and jumping is beyond your power?

We offer an effective way to put your body and mind in order using a special technique called "pilates". What is this area, who can play this sport and is it safe for pregnant women? We will answer all these questions ...

What is Pilates?

This is a health-improving restorative system developed about a hundred years ago by the American Joseph Pilates. It has been used for a long time to restore the health of soldiers who received various injuries in the war. Today everyone can do this kind of gymnastics. Gymnastic techniques are performed in conjunction with oriental practices: conscious control of the breathing process and cleansing the mind of negative emotions.

Individual or group training are carried out without stopping, but all movements are performed at a slow pace. Simultaneously with the development of muscles, a person receives good relaxation and positive emotions. He gradually gains the harmony and balance inherent in him by nature.

Fitness subscriptions

What exercises are included in Pilates?

The original base, developed a century ago, consisted of only 34 exercises, now there are at least 500. Depending on the level of the athlete's training, three categories of exercises are offered:
  •  on the rug;
  •  with special equipment;
  • on simulators.
For those who are thoughtful to visit Fitness health and beauty center Ark spa, here are some examples of exercises to familiarize yourself with the technique.

Basic Pilates Exercises


  1.       Starting position - sitting on the floor covering, legs are bent at the knees, feet rest on the floor and are located at the width of the pelvis, the back is straightened.
  2.       We grasp the hips and stretch up, we feel how the spine is stretched.
  3.       We raise our legs up, helping ourselves with our hands, so that the ankles are parallel to the floor, making sure that the back remains straight. We tighten the muscles of the legs, arms and buttocks.
  4.       We take a deep breath, and as we exhale, we press the stomach against the back, slightly rounding the spine. Lean back slightly, balancing on the buttocks.
  5.       On inhalation, straighten your back again. We repeat 5-10 times.


  1.       Starting position: lying on your stomach, raise your torso, leaning on your forearms and socks. We make sure that the body is parallel to the floor surface, representing a kind of bridge.
  2.       We breathe in, and as we exhale, raise the pelvis, lowering our head a little, but not touching the rug.
  3.       While inhaling, we return to the "bridge" position.
  4.       We repeat 2-10 times.


  1.       We put our hands on the floor so that our palms are at shoulder level. We take our legs back and place them parallel to the floor, keep our feet together. The body forms a straight, oblique line from head to toe.
  2.       On inhalation, lift one leg up, stretching the toe, on exhalation, return it to its original position. We repeat the same with the other leg.
  3.       We repeat 5-10 times.

Exercises may seem difficult to beginners, but with patience and an irresistible desire to become slimmer, you can achieve good results.

How is Pilates useful?

This healing system is somewhat reminiscent of ancient Eastern spiritual practices that have long been used to seek wholeness in life. As well as yoga, it develops flexibility, endurance, concentration, clarity of thought. It has a beneficial effect not only on psycho-emotional health, but also on the state of the body as a whole. Scientific research shows that well-designed training can lead to the following positive changes over time:

  •  general physical fitness increases;
  • muscle strength develops;
  • the natural curves of the spine, its flexibility and mobility are restored;
  • posture is noticeably improved, as well as the condition of bones and joints;
  • blood flow is stimulated, the lungs are saturated with oxygen;
  • muscle tone increases.

Is it possible to lose weight doing Pilates?

Pilates is believed to be suitable for building a strong physique, improving feeling well, but losing weight is not the best way, since a person does not experience excessive physical stress.

In fact, this is not the case. For one hour of work in the gym, about 300 kcal is spent. This is approximately the same as spent for the same time when doing volleyball or power aerobics (350 kcal).

The secret lies in the fact that the body expends a huge amount of energy even with static stress created by holding the position for 20 seconds or more.

Such training perfectly develops stabilizing muscle tissue bundles and improves flexibility. But the main condition for achieving positive results is systematic training that will make weight loss safe.

Who is Pilates for?

There are no restrictions on gender, age or fitness level imposed on classes. The healing and health system is indicated for people with insufficient physical activity who spend most of the day, for example, in the office. Unfortunately, most people experience a lack of movement due to a sedentary lifestyle, which leads to irreversible consequences.

Due to the fact that gymnastics is performed lying down, all body systems experience gentle loads. The technique is applicable even for people suffering from diseases such as:

  • asthma;
  • Chronical bronchitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  •  osteochondrosis;
  • scoliosis;
  • slouch;
  • visual impairment.


Gymnastics is well tolerated by persons weakened by social factors that are too heavy. And also by those who are not recommended to jump, run, who have suffered an injury, by people of advanced age. It does not require special training, equipment, special clothing, or devices. Signing up for a Pilates class in Odessa is very easy, you just need to purchase a fitness subscription, Pilates is included in timetable group programs.

Duration and frequency of classes

The training consists of several stages:

  1. Preparatory part (5-10 minutes). Includes sports movements of a general developmental nature: bends, turns, body alignment, concentration on breathing, inhalation-exhalation, usually performed while standing.
  2.  The main part (35-45 minutes). Various loads are used: static, dynamic, power. To strengthen large muscle groups, repetitions are organized 2-6 times. All exercises are combined into blocks, ligaments and make up a single complex.
  3. The final part (5-10 minutes). The restoration of the body is provided: part of the training aimed at stretching, mobility, flexibility of joints, regulation of respiratory phases, improvement of mental state.

All our group workouts are 55 minutes long and our personal workouts are 60 minutes long. 

Fitness trainers it is recommended to conduct trainings 2 times a week. It is advisable for people with a low level of health to gradually get used to the stress.

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  • Individual towel, bathrobe, slippers;
  • Reliable safes;
  • Comfortable changing rooms;
  • Freezing the card for the period of absence: (3 months - 7 days, 6 months - 15 days, 12 months - 30 days);
  • Visit gym;
  • Induction training in the gym;
  • Free attendance of group programs;
  • Drawing up an individual training plan;
  • Gift spa visit;
  • 1 personal training in the gym (60 minutes);
  • Breakfast at restaurant
  • 1 cosmetic procedure to choose from (FULL skin, pressotherapy, hydromassage.)

Basic principles of Pilates

This technique is attractive in that there is no shock, jumping load, overstrain of the joints is excluded, while superficial and deep muscles are perfectly worked out. 

  1.       Concentration of attention and focus on one's own feelings.
  2.       Body-Mind Coordination - Relaxation and total relaxation entails getting rid of unnecessary thoughts.
  3.       Constant alignment of the body position, control of the asymmetry of the shoulders, shoulder blades, pelvic bones, close attention is paid to the position of the spine.
  4.       Centering is achieved by constantly pulling up the abdomen and pelvic floor muscles.
  5.       Smoothness and slowness of movement. Thanks to a slow pace, it is possible to concentrate on the muscle group that is doing the work.
  6.       Full inhalation and exhalation - deep, uniform breathing cycles cleanse the lungs, revitalize the whole body.
  7.       Continuous work, doing lifts, swings with the weight of your own arms, legs, torso, consistency, regularity form good endurance of the body. 

Contraindications and harm of Pilates

Despite the impressive list of positive effects on a person as a whole, the technique is contraindicated in the presence of the following diseases or pathological conditions:

  • serious problems with joints, spine;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension;
  • untreated ruptures of ligaments, tendons;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • high temperature;
  • chronic diseases in the active stage.

It is strictly forbidden to do gymnastics when

  • threatened miscarriage;
  • hypertonicity (prolonged overstrain of the muscle layer of the uterus);
  • severe toxicosis;
  •  risk of bleeding;
  • excessive weight gain.

In any case, before starting sports activities, it will not be superfluous for pregnant women to consult a doctor on the topic of possible risks.

Buying our club cards - you can go in for sports from morning to evening without restrictions, have breakfast in our restaurant, order beauty treatments and visit our spa visits. One spa visit includes:  At the time of buying fitness card, a visit to the spa 550 UAH. Quiet music, calm atmosphere, smooth movements, a certain philosophy of training - all this pacifies and transfers to another world. You will undoubtedly improve not only your physical fitness, but also your mood.
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