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Aqua Fitness - training in the pool using various aqua equipment.

Coach: Julia

Aqua Fitness Training Schedule

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The best way to stay healthy is to go to the gym. Exercising in the gym is not only about doing exercises in gym, but also an exercise in the water. Fitness in the pool - water aerobics. 

What is water aerobics

A set of strength exercises, which is aimed at training the muscular system in the pool, is called water aerobics.  Trainers Ark SPA Palace a special complex is being developed, which, as a rule, consists of simple exercises.  Benefits of doing aqua aerobics: 
  • Water has more resistance than air - any strength exercise increases the result;
  • The exercises are not so tiring - because the load on the muscles is less;
  • Water helps athletes, it pushes the legs and arms out with any action - the load on our musculoskeletal system is significantly reduced;
  • Less Sweating - Activities are in the water to keep you fresh. 
Types of water aerobics in Odessa in our health and beauty center Ark SPA Palace:
  • the traditional look is a complex that includes a traditional list of exercises for muscle training and body shaping. With this type, such additional accessories are often used - cuffs, hoops, dumbbells or others;

Fitness subscriptions

  • Individual towel, bathrobe, slippers;
  • Reliable safes;
  • Comfortable changing rooms;
  • Freezing the card for the period of absence: (3 months - 7 days, 6 months - 15 days, 12 months - 30 days);
  • Visit gym;
  • Induction training in the gym;
  • Free attendance of group programs;
  • Drawing up an individual training plan;
  • Gift spa visit;
  • 1 personal training in the gym (60 minutes);
  • Breakfast at restaurant
  • 1 cosmetic procedure to choose from (FULL skin, pressotherapy, hydromassage.)

How is water aerobics useful?

This type of exercise is very beneficial for weight loss. Plus, every exercise is beneficial for the entire body.

These group training are more enjoyable than regular activities. This is due to the fact that in water the body loses its weight, which means that all actions are performed with less effort. Calories are burned due to water resistance.  

Classes aqua fitness in Odessa suitable for both women and men over 12 years old. For those under 12 years old, children's fitness is suitable. 

With such exercises, blood circulation improves, and due to this, unnecessary excess fluid is removed from the body. Therefore, the appearance becomes more attractive, because edema disappears, cellulite gradually disappears, the skin tightens, and body weight melts.

Aqua fitness classes in Odessa have a positive positive effect on organismism - blood vessels become stronger, immunity grows, nervous tension disappears, posture is corrected. At the same time, only the most gentle effect is exerted on the entire musculoskeletal system.

To notice the first positive results of classes, you just need to practice our fitness membership from 3 months.  

Benefits of doing aqua aerobics

Water aerobics classes in Odessa have a number of advantages:

  • this type of sports has practically no contraindications. They are suitable even for pregnant women and elderly people. This is especially pleasing to those who suffer from back pain;
  • with such exercises, muscles do not hurt - lactic acid does not appear in them;
  • injuries during these exercises are minimized:
  • has a good effect on the general condition of the whole organism;
  • the load on the joints is not so great that water aerobics is recommended even for people with disabilities.

How are the classes

In our beauty and health center ARK SPA PALACE, water aerobics classes are held as follows: 

  1. All athletes are divided into groups that correspond to different levels of participants' training. This is the initial group, intermediate and advanced.
  2. A warm-up is in progress.
  3. Training of certain muscle groups is being practiced.


If this is an initial group, a lesson is held for up to 40 minutes, the exercises are selected the easiest. The middle group is engaged for a little longer - up to an hour, the exercises are given a little more difficult.

If the group is with trained participants (advanced) - classes are given on the highest scale of difficulty and are conducted without interruption. All classes are accompanied by music, and our pool is equipped with all the necessary equipment for classes!  


Despite the fact that water aerobics is the most gentle type of training, people who:

  • suffer from epilepsy;
  • have an increased body reaction to bleach;
  • who suffer from dizziness and nausea with osteochondrosis;
  • who have bronchial asthma;
  • persons with various skin diseases;
  • with pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • if there is a spinal injury.  

Who is suitable for aqua aerobics

Despite the list of those who are contraindicated in aqua fitness, most people will only benefit from such activities. Who are the classes suitable for: 

  • people who are overweight;
  • if there is a desire to make the figure embossed, slim and fit;
  •  if you need to restore the body after serious illness (some types of stroke);
  • to improve immunity;
  • to get rid of stressful conditions and depression;
  • after childbirth;
  • in order to tighten the skin and get rid of fine wrinkles;
  • with varicose veins;
  • to correct posture.
We are waiting for you at our Center Ark SPA Palace, aqua fitness classes are included in the price fitness membership... By purchasing not only our subscriptions, but club cards for 3.6 or 12 months, you can go in for sports from morning to evening without restrictions, have breakfast in our restaurant, order beauty treatments and visit our spa visits. One spa visit includes:  At the time of buying fitness card, a visit to the spa 550 UAH. Spend time with benefits for the body and with pleasure!
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